by Reyshizz

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Reynald “Reyshizz” Benoit [bənwa], is an independent rap artist from Irvington, NJ. In 2013 he quit his full-time career to focus his attention on making music. He wishes to dedicate the rest of his life to being a great artist and spreading ideas that matter.

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I’mma motherfucking PSYCHOPATH
The only thing keeping me at bay is the haze and the nicotine
Self-medicated to eradicate the pain (pain)
Pour me up some Hennessy
Drug of a menace to society growing up with cane (cane) cane
I cried when he died or rather when he was slain
Another cog in the wheel another victim of the game (game)
Cats don’t even know that we're playing in the ring
When we step on the pavement the bell goes ding (ding) ding (ding)
And in this corner a goner
A dropout who dropped in valedictorian
The best of the slaves
Only able to see the shadows of a the brave
Outlined in chalk martyrs idolize for
holding up signs and catching a bullet to their brain
I must be fucking crazy or the world is insane
Someone please explain
The president putting little niggas on a plane
To sacrifice their life for a government that keeps him in chains (chains) chains (chains)

(Hook 2x)
I’mma mass murderer like a soldier (WHAT)
I’m fucking terrorist like a president (WHAT)
I’m a fuckting psychopath, a psychopath (WHAT)
A motherfucking psychopath, a psychopath

Could someone please explain how this shit ain't the same thing
All the guns in the planet go click click bang bang
No matter the story a body laid in the dirt
Gone back to the earth in which he came
I wonder if his father thought that when he came
His son will grow up to be a killer for the state
Imma killer of the state of mind that
We could be victimize
By the fact that we're black white or yellow or in between
Only a narcissist would discriminates by genes
And only an idiot would believe (believe) believe (believe)
Don’t stand for anything then you’ll fall like leaves
Aint nobody clipping me Reyshizz the evergreen
If you think you’re sick then I got the medicine
I victim of society I can’t even breathe
Suffocating while the man to save me stabs me in the spleen
Gotta watch your own back, be on your own team
I woke up from the dream started living what I speak
As soon as you know is when you gotta take heed (heed) heed

(Hook 2x)

Every now and then I go back to the past
And relive the memories (ries) that I never had
Like getting real mad like somethings in your path
And you wanna just blast but you can’t and you crash
Another payback in stash, I owe a lot of foes that cash (ah)
Could take that to the bank aint a threat or a prank
Use the pen as a weapon with never ending ink
So deep make a navy seal sink make a mathematician think (uh)
Couldn’t outsmart though they got me out ranked
Gotta break that chain, only one in the link
Only one that doesn’t blink only one that give the hypocrites a name (woo)
Making all the rules all the rules they break
But they laugh in our face if we do the same thing
It’s a one sided game gotta know that we’re playing
Gotta know to complain but cowards calling out
And I’m ready for change (remember that?)

(Hook 2x)


released November 25, 2013



all rights reserved


Reyshizz Irvington, New Jersey

I'm a thought provoking dude making music that will, one day, impact millions...

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